Men explain religion to me

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When did Christ become the Great Penis in the Sky to which you must sacrifice children?

I saw the lady on the plane next to me reading the book "Men Explain Things to Me" by Rebecca Solnit published by Haymarket Books,. I thought, "I have to get that book!" After reading it, I have a few stories of my own. I attended Mass every Sunday and nearly all holy days for five years with my two children and nearly always put a check in the collection basket. I signed my children up for CCD and sacraments and made a point of waiting for the teacher and filled in when a teacher didn't show. The moment I married my agnostic, Catholic school raised husband and convinced him to come to mass, I became a non-entity to the church. The contribution envelopes came addressed Mr. and Mrs. Husband name. So I write this using the only name that the vatican recognizes. Mrs. Paul Owczarek. "We have noted a grave disorientation and great confusion of many faithful regarding extremely important matters for the life of the Church." The Dubia cardinals.

Francis even rallied all the bishops for a Sin Nod.

I wrote letters to every single English speaking bishop in the world that I could find off the inventory to complain about important points of theology.

What did they object to? They objected to not being able to terrorize congregants already traumatized by failed marriages. I at least hope the food was good and the airlines didn't lose their luggage at their bacchanal. They are all worried about divorced Catholics receiving Communion. Have their actions defined communion as anything other than a symbol of the sanctity of their penises? No.

They had better continue to pray for the confusion of the faithful. It is the only thing keeping the faithful from tracking them down with pitchforks and torches! The stupid, meaningless piece of self gratifying Latin is trivia compared with the important matters for the life of the church. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. I will continue to pray that the proud, pagan, pedophiles in the vatican convert to Christianity.

Men explain reglion to me.
Serve God and protect the children

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